Improving the Security and Digital Ranking Side by Side with HTTPS


When a website is developed, the only factors kept in mind are that it is fast and secured. CS18 has not just its brand name for providing the best Search Engine Optimization but the company also develop running websites for various business platforms. Now, the major concern of CS18 is to deliver the best website with flawless performance. In this scenario, somehow security factor lacks. While concentrating deep on it, the only solution is to transform the protocol from http to https for a fast and secured platform.

With the passage of time, it is observed that even after inculcating few Search Engine Optimization upgrades in any platform, the security factor is left unmatched. Therefore, many websites are transformed to https with a safe connection line.


CS18 recently figured out that migration of the websites to https is getting crucial as the customers demand for a secured site for their business to flourish. Also, the various factors that now CS18 provides under https attainment are as follows:

  • Data Encryption:

Security suffers because of the already existing vulnerable hackers over the internet. Https provides a platform where all the collection of data is encrypted at first and the hackers face difficulty to crack it.

  • Integrity of data:

Https creates a base for secured transfer. Also, the threat of the conversion of important data list to a disclosed and corrupted list is decreased.

  • Data Authentication:

After the personal records are encrypted, the only threat that lies is the threat of mishandling the crucial information by an attacker in between. Https provides a two-step authentication so can the customer is only communicating with the respective websites.

  • Transferring without Loss

Moving from http to https may leads to unwanted loss of SERP ranking but CS18 makes sure to handle all the issues so that none of them arise in the process.


There are certain advantages that are termed to be the most important when it comes to the up gradation to https:

  • Lowers down the attack rate.
  • Degrades the web and network attacks.
  • A website runs faster.
  • Supervises the software vulnerabilities.
  • Prevents the Brutal server attacks.
  • A sign of security about the personal information encryption
  • A factor to improve the SERP ranking


If a company is the leading Search Engine Optimization provider, the company should gain rights over https. The reasons for switching to https are already mentioned above. In the base case of CS18, this leading SEO provider is helping its customers to migrate their websites to https protocol. This has only strengthened the uniqueness and with all these services that CS18 provides, the SEO does not degrade. It is by far the most effluent SEO ranking factor and the ranking will stay on the top. CS18 is one of those which makes sure to use best SEO Services in India to be the one of best as well.