Independence Day Celebration at Office

Independence Day

Festivals and celebrations add freshness to the monotonous chain of the office. It is a day when everybody enjoys together forgetting the burden of office. It also acts as an ice-breaker for the new employees who can mingle into the culture of company. Independence Day is one such occasion when we remember our brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country and pay tribute to them with proud.

Like every year, Business View India celebrated Independence Day on 15 August, 2017 with full zeal and patriotism this time. The office was decorated with tricolour balloons, flags and ribbons represented the true patriotic feeling and love for the nation among all the employees.

A quiz contest was conducted in which questions based on general knowledge were asked from the office staff. Along with that, a poster painting competition was also conducted. Games like pyramid of disposable glass and balloons, spoon ball walk and zigzag were played, which was an entertaining part of the event. The interesting part in the pyramid game was that the participants had to build the pyramid with disposable glasses not by using their hands but by blowing the balloon in the glass and then carrying it. Along with the competition and games, we also had Best Dressed Male and Best Dressed Female to ones who showed patriotic spirit in their dressing which was theme of the party.  Mr. Ankush Kakkar and Ms. Suneet Kaur were awarded with ‘Best Theme Award’ in this category.

It was an absolute fun seeing everyone enjoying and participating in all these activities with full spirit. The celebration was followed by a snack party which everyone enjoyed a lot. Such events are really important as they refresh the mind and act as stress-busters for everyone. Embedding these celebrations and events in their culture actually works in favour of the organization for achieving productive endeavours.