Women’s Day Celebration at CS18

Though a lot of you would accept to the fact that ladies don’t need a big day to enjoy their success, it isn’t so bad after all to have a day presenting your love and respect for women, who determine our way of life to a large degree. And, if you are in a relationship with that someone unique, then it’ll be sinful to keep the possibility in making her get noticed by the audience, especially on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a global event that enjoys women’s success – from the political to the social – while requesting for gender equality.

It has been noticed since the early 20th century and is now recognized each year on March 8. It is not associated with any one team, but delivers together government authorities, women’s organisations, corporations and charitable groups.

Women’s Day is the celebration of every woman’s freedom and equal rights in the community. This day understands that serenity and public improvement require the effective participation and equal rights of Women’s, and understands the participation of Women’s to international serenity and security.  This is why CS18 seems just one day is not enough to enjoy womanhood.

Women’s day at CS18 Premises

The CS18 Women’s Day celebration started with the purpose of providing to the development, involvement, growth and preservation of Women employees in the company, has selected the concept of ‘Women’s part in Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise’ for this season and has created a many activities such as professional speaks on subjects like prosperity control, wellness, business putting on a costume etc, , fun games and contests like hair-styling on campus to an internal panel conversation on the concept for this season.


Some key actions organised in some of our development centers:

Fun Olympics: An extended festival of sports contests for Women with men enjoying the part of cheerleaders. Activities will range from hopping, matka racing, sack races, cricket etc.

Top Chef: A chance for employees to show their cooking abilities at work and win interesting rewards.

Women employees are given a probability of asking professionals for advice and solutions on improving psychological health and economical health for further power.

CS18 has arranged an entire week of interesting activities for their Women employees. Weeklong festivities will include Women first Bamboula to enjoy International Women’s Day, classes and classes on Beauty, Fitness and Financial Planning. Cervical Cancer has become the major cause of cancer deaths for women in India and this is the reason why we have made an effort to secure our employees from this dangerous illness. Therefore, we are also planning Cervical Cancer Immunization Camps as a part of the festivities. And that’s not all; there will be lots of interesting Contests and unique Genie special discounts and offers for our Women employees.

Women’s Day Celebrations

Many nations have announced 8th March as an official holiday and some countries have announced it as a vacation for Women. Men show love and respect to the women in their lives on this day. A large number of activities are organised all over the world on Women’s Day. It is a day to motivate Women and enhance the cause of social equality.