Lohri Celebration at CS18

What makes us proud and joyous is our culture. There are number of festivals we celebrate to nurture our culture. A prominent festival from Punjabi culture is the festival of Lohri. The festival celebrates the end of winter and beginning of the harvesting season. Like Sankranti, Bihu, Pongal, Lohri is the festival which is celebrated during the season of Rabi crops harvesting. Peanuts, gur rewri and popcorn are the three edibles which are related to this festival. People sing folklore- Sundar Mundariye going around the sacred fire while doing parikarmas.

Lohri Celebrations

Best way to celebrate Lohri is cooking delicious food, taking dips in Holy River, giving alms to the needy people and singing, dancing. As in the office we can’t manage dipping in river, we celebrated it in a different way. Key element of Lohri is the bonfire. There is a culture of lightning bonfire to celebrate Lohri. We also followed same celebration method by lightning bonfire at our workplace.

We performed circles around it called as parikramas and prayed to sacred fire for blessing good harvest in the coming year. Following the tradition we threw rice, popcorn and other stuffs in the bonfire. We sung folk songs while making circle around bonfire. Dancing on traditional bhangra song completed the celebration with full energy giving more positivity to work and be happy. We enjoyed the day of Lohri festival by following all traditions with singing and dancing around the bonfire. We feel awesome that we keep our culture alive with such celebrations.

Such celebration gives us memories and energy to work more. Festivals Lohri brings wonderful opportunity to celebrate the happiness together. Such celebrations also develop bond between co-workers which helps in good team work to grab the success. We had lot of fun together and had stomach full of food with heart full of memories with these celebrations.