New Year Celebration at CS18

Each year comes with new promises, hopes and its blessings to effort more for achieving desired success. In India, New Year is no less than a festival and has become a national festival in recent years. It is celebrated with great zeal in all parts of the country and people start planning for its celebrations weeks before. The occasion depicts that is time to bid farewell to the by-gone year and welcome the new one. We all desperately wait for the date 31st December to celebrate the beginning of New Year.

New Year Celebration

Like all over the world, we also celebrated New Year eve with passion. We planned a rocking party for the New Year celebration. At the party we enjoyed dancing on the beats with all colleagues. We cut delicious cake to start New Year with happiness and dreams of future success. After cake cutting ceremony, we rocked the floor with awesome music. The energy level of all the non-dancers was on the peak which added more fun to the party. We all enjoyed the party forgetting about the work load and professional hierarchies.

Everyone enjoyed to the fullest and had heaps of fun. At midnight, we greeted and wished each other Happy New Year. The night was full of excitement and enjoyment and we looked forward that the New Year will bring lots of success in our careers.

The fun filled occasions like New Year is a great opportunity to revive contact with our friends and get closer to our loved ones. These are the events where each one can have fun and enjoy without bothering his or her position at work. The idea of such celebrations is to bid goodbye to the previous year and welcome the New Year in hope that it will bring lots of happiness and luck in our lives.