How Log Files Are Useful in SEO?

When discussing about what log file actually is, a simple conceptual format of storing the web services list comes in mind. A log is typically a time variant back-end file of the operations carried out in the past. Whenever a log is observed, the time and date along with certain specifications of all the events in the past is stored symmetrically. The web server logs also stores the Internet Protocol Addresses in symmetry with other constraints.


As a medium of heavy storage, log files play a crucial role in the existence. The reason for the same is that log files contain the most important knowledge of the software and hardware involved in any particular service. Other reasons might include the following:

  • Log files have certain page views. Page views have their own importance that increases log files importance. Page views are used to figure out all the activities that are being performed on any of the particular sites in work.
  • Log files maintain the uniqueness whenever the duplicity is observed while accessing any website.
  • A proper symmetric result is set by the log files in case of any person using the same site again and again. Along with the time and date, all the activities are stored by the log files.



Log files not just records the activities but seeks for the Search Engine Optimization too. Of major concern is how Search Engines are filtered. The Internet Protocol Addresses of the users along with their activities on every websites leads to the optimization of search engines. This is very beneficial as all the data is stored at one place and if any inspection of records is required, the work gets easier.

The Log files are so related to Search Engine Optimization in the following ways:

  • It identifies the wastage of the budget.
  • It looks up for the errors which can occur while accessing the sites.
  • Also, the area of optimization deficiency is observed.
  • It helps in recognizing page issues like 404 not found, 403, 500 etc
  • It helps us to know which robot is crawling at what level


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